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Circular Economy Club Liverpool City Region

Circular Economy Club Liverpool City Region

What is Circular Economy Club Liverpool City Region?

Circular Economy Club Liverpool City Region (CEC LCR) is a chapter of CEC Global, currently organised by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA). It is a group for circular leaders to bring the circular economy to life in their cities, universities, hubs and companies.

We believe the circular economy is an important way of helping tackle climate change, reducing waste and reducing our carbon emissions. CEC LCR is open to anyone interested in circular economy, sustainability and environmental issues.

There is no cost to becoming a member, you will receive our Circular Liverpool City Region newsletter, invitations to events, meetings and networking opportunities. CEC LCR is focused on action and we hope members will find common goals and opportunities in the group to develop circular initiatives and projects.

MRWA is committed to promoting circular economy and collaborating with partners to deliver circular solutions that support the local authority. Promoting a circular Liverpool City Region is an important part in changing consumer behaviours, reducing waste in LCR, and tackling the 45% of emissions from producing cars, clothes, food and products we use every day (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2019, ‘Completing the Picture’).

Making CEC LCR a successful, proactive and effective group depends on input and support from all members. As a group we expect our members to be respectful of each other’s opinions, views and to be supportive in our mutual goal. Where possible we ask that all members;

  • get involved in discussion, idea sharing, joint working, setting goals and delivering actions
  • attend and support events
  • promote circular economy principles in LCR

We hope some members will be able to contribute to the organisation of CEC LCR, this may include;

  • Helping plan, run and promote events,
  • Sourcing suitable venues
  • Suggesting and reaching out to external speakers
  • Administration and practical support
  • Recording or taking photos at events

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For more information about CEC LCR take a look at the following:

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations with over 260 CEC local chapters in over 110 countries. Non-for-profit, global and open to anyone to join the club for free.

  • Vision: We envision a new era where all cities worldwide function through a circular model, setting the end of an age of waste.
  • Mission: We aim to bring the circular economy to cities worldwide by building strong local networks to design and implement circular local strategies, embed the circular economy in the education system and help circular solutions scale.