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Looking for a way to get started on your very own zero waste journey?

We’re here to help!

We’ve got a couple of great engagement opportunities to encourage the residents of the Liverpool City Region to reduce their waste. We will be adding more projects; so be sure to check back for regular updates!

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We all know the importance of recycling materials like plastic bottles, but what about food and garden waste?

That’s where home composting comes in!

Home composting is a process which breaks down organic materials into a nutrient rich resource that can be added to our gardens. And the best news, it’s easy to do!

We’ve compiled a collection of resources and materials available to residents of the LCR to get started. Our pack includes;

  • How to Guide
  • Composting tips
  • Home Compost Bin*
  • Composting network membership
  • Subscription to our Composting E-newsletter

For more information or to apply to receive your pack enter your details in the form below.

*Please note, compost bins are FREE to residents based in Liverpool City Region (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral) but are subject to limited availability (while stocks last).

Across the Liverpool City Region, we throw away over 20,000 tonnes of textiles each year. Instead, they could be given a new lease of life by hosting a swishing event!

Swishing is when people bring good quality clothes that are no longer worn or wanted and are swapped with people for other items. It’s a great way to update your wardrobe and reduce the waste we produce!

Sound interesting? Why not apply to receive our new resource pack to help residents across the LCR run their own events. 

Our new resource pack includes:

  • How to…Organise a Clothes Swishing Event guide
  • Resource pack including:
    • Planner
    • Token value guide
    • Organising checklist
    • Poster
    • Risk assessment
    • Drop-off recording sheet
    • Weight of items record
    • Comment sheet
    • Event checklist
    • Disclaimer

For more information or to apply to receive your pack enter your details in the form below.

Food waste: on average it accounts for just over 30% of all the rubbish collected from homes across the Liverpool City Region. We end up spending money on food that just ends up in our bins, what a waste! Whether it’s the veg you forgot in the back of the fridge, or that rice that you just cooked far too much of, it has a cost to the climate and your wallet.

Our How to… Reduce Food Waste guide provides a few quick and easy steps to help you shop smart and make the food you buy go even further.

For more information or to apply to receive your guide enter your details in the form below.

Toys are a popular gift idea for kids, but what happens when they start to overtake your home? A survey found that on average 35% of toys are neglected within a month! So, how about hosting your very own Toy Swap?

Our How To… Host a Toy Swap guide outlines what to do before, during and after the event. It’s filled with helpful tips to make your event run smoothly, and you can even get the kids involved if you need an extra hand!

For more information or to apply to receive your pack enter your details in the form below.

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