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Check Your Tech – new campaign aims to cut electrical waste

MRWA Recycling

A new campaign has been launched to stop electrical and electronic equipment from going to waste.

Recycle Right – an initiative led by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) to boost recycling – is targeting waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that is hoarded, or incorrectly disposed of, across the Liverpool City Region.

Launched in January and running into February, ‘Check Your Tech’ adverts will run on digital radio and social media throughout the Liverpool City Region.

Each year in the UK alone, £370m in materials like gold, copper, aluminium and steel are wasted by electrical appliances not being recycled properly.

Whether it’s a broken toaster, or an old mobile phone, electricals contain so many valuable resources that are wasted when they’re not used. MRWA is using the campaign to remind residents that if it has a plug, uses batteries or needs charging it’s an electrical appliance- and we need to keep them out of our bins.

Householders can ask themselves:

• If it is still in working order can it be rehomed?
• If it is broken can it be repaired?
• If it is past the point of repair, can it be recycled?

All the 16 Household Recycling Centres across the Liverpool City Region accept electrical equipment for recycling so we can make the most out of our resources.

Councillor Tony Concepcion, Chairperson of MRWA, said: “Electrical equipment can often be donated, repaired or recycled. As people continue to upgrade and replace their electronic devices, old devices are simply forgotten about, or put in household waste bins. This is a waste of resources that instead could be reused or recycled. Keep them out of your bin and take them to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.”

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MRWA_WEEE_2022A – MRWA Chief Executive Carl Beer (left) & MRWA Chairperson Councillor Tony Concepcion (right) at Huyton Household Waste Recycling Centre, January 2022

MRWA_WEEE_2022B – MRWA Chief Executive Carl Beer (left), MRWA Chairperson Councillor Tony Concepcion (centre), & Director of Veolia Merseyside & Halton Jeff Sears (right) at Huyton Household Waste Recycling Centre, January 2022

About MRWA

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority is responsible for the disposal of municipal waste on Merseyside. Established in 1986 following the abolition of Merseyside County Council, it is a statutory Authority that works with all the local authorities on Merseyside – Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral. MRWA takes a lead in advocating recycling, waste minimisation and safe and effective disposal of waste for Merseyside’s residents.