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Third Sector / Communities

MRWA Alchemy helping to cut food waste in Liverpool City Region

Community groups, reuse organisations, charities and third sector parties are the lifeblood of on-the-ground behavioural change in the Liverpool City Region.

Whether it’s repaired bikes, recycled bottles, or reused books – working together we want to help the residents of Liverpool City Region to be able to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Since 2006 we have run the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority Community Fund – helping local projects engage with residents to waste less, reuse, repair, share and recycle. We have worked with dozens of organisations who have the capacity to make a real impact in the war on waste – from textiles recycling to bicycle reuse, cookery skills to reuse shops, and everything in between!

In need of some inspiration? Head over to our Community Fund section to see projects we’ve helped over the years.

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